© Pierre Fraser, 2018

In contrast to enclosed sport practices, open space sport offers some benefits for many people and this is reflected in the urban environment where more and more people are playing sport in open spaces rather than in specific facilities.

On the social level, while the gym only allows you to show yourself to a limited number of people, often the same ones, the urban environment allows you to free yourself from this constraint. So much the better if we meet people we know, because they will also recognize themselves in this practice.

© Pierre Fraser, 2018

From our clothing and accessories, they will be able to judge how much we are willing to invest in our health. Does your bike have a carbon fiber frame and wheels? How much does it cost? All these questions go beyond the strict framework of health and refer to the individual in society.

© Pierre Fraser (sociologue, PhD) / texte et photos

Feeling the coolness of the rising sun, the warmth of the midday sun, or the coolness of the setting sun, is nothing like being cooped up within four walls to practice your favorite physical activity.

Otherwise, sweating in the hot sun, panting as you pass a fellow runner who is also sweating and panting, shows that the effort required to be healthy is taken seriously. Better yet, running in the snow or rain not only shows a commitment to your own health, it also shows that you are prepared to face adversity in all its forms.

Sports activity in an urban environment is not only a sports activity, but also a social activity inscribed in a space and a territory. Here, everything becomes a visual reference point. Seeing the horizon in front of you and not having the limits imposed by four walls, soaking up the presence of trees while riding your bike, seeing the grey of the asphalt on which you run, appreciating the impression of infinity of an azure blue sky while practicing your favorite activity can in no way be compared to a gym.

© Pierre Fraser, 2018

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